Meaningful work

Meaningful Work!? What is Meaningful Work and why is it important? At Vebego, we’ve been asking ourselves this question. But more importantly, what is work to you? Is it working with your colleagues in an enjoyable way, getting attention from your manager or is it your personal development as a professional? And do you actually know why you’re doing the work that you do?


If you login below, you can reach the Meaningful Work Questionnaire. We’ve kept the questionnaire short, so it will take only 10 minutes of your time. The outcome is very important for you and for Vebego, because together we can work with the results. This questionnaire is anonymous.

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With this login you can access the dashboard that presents the assembled data for your company. Only authorised persons at Vebego have access to this information. The data are aggregated at the level discussed; this way, the anonymity of the data of your employees is guaranteed.

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What can we do for you?

To gain better insight into what work means to you and how we, as an employer, can better respond to that, a questionnaire has been developed. This questionnaire has been developed by co-workers and scientists. With the results, we can better respond to what is going on in the workplace and what you and your colleagues think is important. It’s our ambition to make work more meaningful, together with you.

Attention and commitment from your manager

Development of craftsmanship

Good conditions

Knowing why you do the work

Meaningful Work

Enjoyable cooperation


If you have questions about Meaningful Work and the questionnaire, please contact Inge Dilven .